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From the previous system of the waste management, it is important to mention that the objectives and policies in such a system enabling the waste to a maximum of becoming a raw material in order to reduce the exploitation of natural resources while respecting the principles of environmental protection and respecting all legal and other regulations regarding waste management. As another of the essential objectives of waste management is to prevent pollution and minimize negative impacts on the environment. By the European Union in the waste management situation in Croatia and set the strategic goals of better waste management, avoidance and waste minimization at source, reducing the risk of waste and of course the increase in employment in Croatia.

Right on the preserved environment is one of the fundamental constitutional rights of citizens in Croatia, and the quality of the environment is the basis for the development of our country. It is well known that the rapid penetration non-durable society in our country has caused a crisis in terms of waste disposal. Waste management includes measures to prevent and reduce the amount of waste without the use of procedures and / or ways that pose a risk to the environment, and measures to prevent harmful effects of waste on human health and the environment.

We think that would be sustainable and integrated modern form of waste management must be based solely on the maximum effort in the direction of, reuse and recycling. As evidence of high environmental awareness of companies specialized in the field of environmental protection is the fact that our company is ISO certified quality and environmental ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Sustainable development, environmental compatibility, pollution prevention and continuous improvement are terms which negligible we do not want to allow.

Proper management of the environment allows us to plan the time of intervention and investment in order to harmonize the existing organizational structure of the new legislation, and this environmental management system certification ensures that all environmental issues, which are related to our activities, under the watchful supervision.


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Removal and waste disposal
In addition to the collected
waste is treated in
accordance with the highest
environmental standards, we
transport and dispose with
special ADR vehicle ...
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