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UNIVERZAL d.o.o. Varazdin is a company registered in the recycling of metal waste and sale of secondary raw materials, and for the collection and storage of non-hazardous and hazardous waste. Successfully operating in the northwestern region, and beyond. In achieving our goalswe are lead with knowledge, social responsibility and social responsibility as well as in waste management taking into consider the principles of environmental protection.
The highest values of our society make concern for the safety and satisfaction with our suppliers and customers, regulated working environment, care for the environment. Capital investment, private development programs, innovation at all levels and the constant improvement of the recycling process, are guarantee of our ongoing economic growth and development.

Today, the company has over 100 skilled employees, has modern technology, machinery and vehicles for collection and transportation of waste, which consists of over 30 trucks, 20-odd machinery, mobile presses for bulky waste and car wrecks, sorting of non-metal waste with automatic press, facility of mechanical processing of non-metallic waste, a thin sheet metal shears, 2 stationary presses, mill plastic, wood mill, a complete facility for production of fuel from waste(RDF), ADR vehicle (transporting hazardous waste).

For its activity the company holds a certificate of the County Office of Planning, Housing and Public Utilities, Construction and Environmental Protection, the Ministry for Nature and Environment.

Quality of service is confirmed by certificates of quality ISO 9001 and environmental ISO 14 001, which confirms the responsibility of our society in waste management with respect highest principles of quality and environmental protection.

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Removal and waste disposal
In addition to the collected
waste is treated in
accordance with the highest
environmental standards, we
transport and dispose with
special ADR vehicle ...
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