Production of electricity from renewable sources of energy - Biomass
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In our power plant we have manufacturing facility (sawmill) specializing in the production of wood products from primary processing. Feedstock for the production consists of solid hardwoods and that most of the oak and beech, and maple, ash, elm, hornbeam and acacia.
For now, we can offer the following assortments:
1.raw and dried solitary, half in the standard range of quality
2. bordered materials, beams and girders ranging Shipping dry-moisture raw
During the reconstruction and building capacity for drying up wood humidity of 8-12%, and by the end of 2012. year plan to build facilities for steaming wood.If you are interested in any of the offered assortment please contact us in writing or verbally on the phone.


OUR Business



Removal and waste disposal
In addition to the collected
waste is treated in
accordance with the highest
environmental standards, we
transport and dispose with
special ADR vehicle ...
wasteTypes of waste to dispose

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