Hazardous Waste / Non-hazardous Waste
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42000 Varaždin
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Univerzal d.o.o. Varazdin, Cehovska 10, is registered at the Commercial Court in Varaždin for waste management activities.
Activity is the transport, collection, storage and processing of non-hazardous and transport, collection and storage of hazardous waste. With this activity the company is engaged in more than 60 years, and is leading the activities in the region.
Collection and storage of waste prevents the unattended waste treatment, avoiding the pollution of water, soi,l air above the prescribed limits, to reduce risks to human health and for wildlife, and the uncontrolled dumping and burning waste.

Types of non-hazardous waste which we transport, collect,
store and handled

Types of hazardous waste which we transport, collect,
and store


*(For all information about waste disposal, please send a request.)*

OUR Business



Removal and waste disposal
In addition to the collected
waste is treated in
accordance with the highest
environmental standards, we
transport and dispose with
special ADR vehicle ...
wasteTypes of waste to dispose



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