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             VISION organizations Univerzal Ltd. Varaždin is to work, succeed and become recognized by concern the collection, storage and disposal of waste, respecting the law and other regulations regarding environmental protection and quality of services, and thus allowed to become a waste of raw materials to minimize the exploitation of raw materials from natural resources.

            MISSION organizations Univerzal Ltd. Varazdin in the economic scale is survival in the market, to follow their customers, competition, and with the process and target action every day try to improve their business and increase customer satisfaction and other interested parties.

            POLICY Univerzal Ltd Varaždin, whose basic element of continuous quality improvement and environmental management in performing activities of treating the waste, collection and storage of hazardous waste. From these reasons, we determine for the application of international standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 and spend the next policy management quality and environment:

  • The first business priority is the quality and reliability of all our activities of treating the waste, the collection and storage of hazardous waste with a fully meet the requirements, needs and expectations of customers. One of the basic settings, business management organization is to prevent environmental pollution and minimize negative impacts on the environment.
  • Insurance and constant improvement of management quality and environment, the task is the responsibility of the Head and all employees to create pursuant business system.
  • Planning activities in all business processes and the establishment of permanent improvements, with the goal of excellence become the rule rather than the exception.
  • Establishment of partnership relations with suppliers with the aim of guaranteed quality of delivered raw materials and encouragement to improve their attitude towards the environment.
  • Quality management system and environment to maintain a level that creates all the prerequisites for quality and safe handling of waste, collection and storage of hazardous waste, and taking all measures for its continuous improvement in terms of performance and efficiency benefits for the entire organization.
  • In carrying out its activities, organization ensures continuous compliance with the statutory and other requirements relating to environmental management and other areas of business management.
  • Education is a permanent task of all employees, and the owner Univerzal doo Varazdin provides all the necessary conditions for its realization. Special attention is given to staff training, whose work can cause significant impact on the environment.
  • For the quality of work performed and preventing negative impacts on the environment suits his performer.
  • All decisions wich are made in the organization are based on the fact based on the logical analysis of data and information about the quality and results of environmental management.

Varaždin, January 2007. 
Chairman of the Board
Goran Hlevnjak

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